2 More COVID-19 Cases

Two individuals related to area meat-processing plants have become the forty-eighth and forty-ninth Adair County residents to have tested positive for COVID-19. The Adair County Health Department has been notified of positive results for a 37-year-old male and a 22-year-old male. There are now thirty-four people in isolation and fifteen who have left isolation.

Wearing a Mask in Public isn’t a Political Statement

Wearing a mask in public isn’t a political statement. Adair County Health Department administrator Jim LeBaron, says it’s a precaution that can help reduce transmission of coronavirus, particularly from people who don’t have symptoms, to other people. LeBaron advises residents to remain vigilant to keep the spread of the virus down to a minimum. He says to keep practicing those things that have been recommended by health experts and scientists, including washing your hands, not touching your face, staying six feet away from others and wearing a mask in public to protect others in case you’re carrying the virus

Battle of the Badges at NEMO Fairgrounds

There’s a great need for blood and you can donate today and help decide who wins the “Battle of the Badges.” This blood drive honors the men and women of the Kirksville Fire and Police Departments and gives donors the option to vote for either Department prior to giving blood in the friendly competition. Battle of the Badges is from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the Multi-Purpose Building at the NEMO Fairgrounds in Kirksville. You are asked to call 1.800.RED.CROSS or visit www.redcrossblood.org and enter “KirksvilleBOB” to schedule an appointment.

Safety Protocols in Place for Blood Drive

Safety protocols will be in place during today’s Battle of the Badges blood drive to ensure that donations are made in the safest way possible Red Cross employees follow thorough safety protocols and staff health assessments are done prior to all blood drives. If you have your own mask bring it. Anyone who does not have a mask will be provided one by Red Cross and required to wear it throughout their time at the blood drive. We are also going to take your temperature at the door

47 Cases of COIVD-19 in Adair County

The number of COVID-19 cases in Adair County rose again with new cases yesterday. Adair County Health Department Administrator Jim LeBaron says there have now been forty-seven confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the county. The latest two cases involve a 38-year-old female and a 24-year-old male related to area meat-processing plants. As of yesterday, fifteen of those forty-seven individuals who tested positive previously have left isolation. There are now thirty-two active cases and no deaths.

To date, 1,270 people have been tested for COVID-19 in Adair County using lab tests, rapid ID Now tests, and tests prior to surgical procedures. Of those, 1,122 have had negative results, fifty-seven have tested positive, and the results of ninety-one are still pending. Forty-seven of the fifty-seven positives have been Adair County residents. The other ten results are for individuals tested here but living outside Adair County.
The Adair County Health Department has made 275 contacts in its contact-tracing efforts. Staff continue to focus on contact tracing to reduce transmission of the virus by people who have tested positive.

Governor Moves up Vote on Missouri’s Medicaid Expansion

Governor Mike Parson is moving up the date that voters will decide on the expansion of Medicaid health care coverage. A proposed constitutional amendment expanding Medicaid eligibility will now be on the August 4th primary ballot, instead of the November general election ballot. State Auditor Nicole Galloway, the presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee, said Parson made the change, so he wouldn’t have defend his opposition to Medicaid expansion as a candidate on the fall ballot. Parson said he made the change to give the state as much time as possible to financially prepare if the measure is approved. The proposed constitutional amendment would expand Medicaid eligibility to an estimated 230,000 adults in Missouri, including adults earning less than $18,000 individually or $30,000 for a family of three.

New COVID-19 Cases Reported Over Holiday Weekend

New COVID-19 cases were reported over the holiday weekend in Adair County. On Friday, one new case of
COVID-19 was confirmed by the Adair County Health Department – a 29-year-old female. On Saturday, 2 more cases were confirmed – a 40-year-old male related to the Smithfield Foods Plant in Milan and a 66-year-old male. On Sunday, Adair County Health Department Administrator Jim LeBaron confirmed three more positive cases of COVID-19 – a 54-year-old male, a 35-year-old female, and a 33-year-old female. All three are related to area meat-processing plans. These brought the total number of cases in Adair County to forty-five. There are now 33 individuals who are in self-isolation. The Adair County Health Department has contacted nearly 240 people regarding their contact with those who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Man Arrested Following Standoff with KPD

Details have been released about a standoff with Kirksville Police. On Thursday, just before 5 p.m, officers responded to a call near Ely and Pierce streets about a man who was seen with a gun. Officers learned from a woman at the scene that she and her 46-year-old husband were involved in a domestic disturbance at their home, and her husband was inside the residence. Officers set up a perimeter around the home after hearing a loud noise coming from inside. They made contact with the man inside by phone and loud speaker. He ended up coming out of the house without incident was taken into custody.

Schuyler County Route D Will Temporarily Close for Windfarm Work

Schuyler County Route D will temporarily close again for windfarm work tomorrow. Weather permitting starting at at 8:00 a.m., Schuyler County Route D will temporarily close 0.9 mile east of Schuyler County Route V. The closure will be approximately 0.5 mile in length, from County Road Werner Drive (west intersection) to County Road Werner Drive (east intersection). The closure is needed while High Prairie Wind Farm moves equipment. The road is planned to reopen at 12:00 p.m. Motorists will need to use alternate routes during the closure time.

Shortened Local Memorial Day Service

While a traditional Memorial Day service isn’t being held in Kirksville today due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, a shortened version is. The Adair County Funeral Honors team is hosting a short ceremony at 11 a.m. at Forrest-Llewellyn Cemetery to recognize fallen soldiers. During the ceremony, the flag will be lowered, a crew will fire rounds, Taps will be played, and then a new flag will be raised