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Buy Sanwiches, Sent Students to Australia!

Now this is a brilliant idea: You need to raise money for an agriculture event — use the pork you grow to do it! So far, they’ve raised about 13 hundred dollars selling pulled pork sandwiches. Now, they’re doing it again! On Friday, Macon R-1 Ag students will try to raise more toward their trip to Australia. First, why they’re going: Students will learn about agricultural production there. Now the good stuff: Pulled pork sandwiches. baked beans, cookie, soda or water. YUM! You can pick it up or have it delivered. Ag instructor Jarod Womack said you can email him for pick up or delivery. He’s at

Missouir Bank Makes $100M Available to Small Businesses

Just as the President’s trying to create jobs with his federal stimulus measures, a Missouri bank is trying to do the same in the state.

State Treasurer Clint Zweifel said that Commerce Bank, which is Missouri’s largest bank, has set a goal of lending 100 million dollars in low-interest loans to small businesses through the Missouri Linked Deposit Program. Zweifel said such the investment could retain or create about 3,000 jobs.

“We have great examples in the state where this program has played a key role,” Zweifel says. “Advanced manufacturing for defense manufacturing, opened a hardware store, opened up pharmacies, opened up dry cleaners, Life Science research in St. Louis.”

Commerce Bank will offer the low-interest loans to small businesses and farmers and
Zweifel hopes that more credit will mean more jobs.

“It’s been a very slow, slow recovery,” Zweifel says. “The key issue that I care about is jobs and economic development and opportunities for families and that’s where we have the most work to do, still. This is an attempt to get us there.”

He expects with now nearly 500 million dollars invested, low interest lending will increase by about 40 percent.

Two Arrests for Altering Prescription

Two Sullivan County residents arrested in Adair County accused of altering a prescription. Authorities say Robert Boyd of Milan and Amy Foster of Green City both had obtained prescriptions from the same doctor. Investigators allege each suspect then altered the prescriptions by attempting to add refills when none were authorized. Boyd and Foster are charged with fraudulently attempting to obtain a controlled substance.

Bevier Man Busted for Pot

An investigation by the Missouri State Highway Patrol landed a northeast Missouri man in the county jail. Paul Harrington of Bevier is charged with one count of manufacturing a controlled substance and one count of manufacturing a controlled substance as a prior or persistent offender. According to court documents, 56-year old Harrington was arrested after authorities began video surveillance of a marijuana-growing operation. Following the suspect’s arrest, a search of his garage uncovered several bags of marijuana packaged and labeled for distribution.

Jessica Howard Warrant

Kirksville police are looking for Jessica Marie Howard. Adair County has issued an arrest warrant for buying more than the legal amount of pseudoephedrine. Howard is 21 years old, 5’8″, and 135 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. She has a tattoo on the right side of her neck, spacer piercings in both ears, and a piercing in her lower lip. If you know where Jessica Marie Howard is — call the Kirksville cops.

Half-Staff Flags for Smith

Governor Jay Nixon ordering American and Missouri flags be flown at half-staff October 2nd thru the 8th to honor the bravery and sacrifice of Petty Officer Second Class Adam Olin Smith. Smith was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. A funeral will be held Saturday for the 26-year old from Bevier.

Novinger Fire Investigation

So far, authorities are coming up empty handed in the investigation of that fire that destroyed an entire city block in Novinger. Adair County Sheriff Robert Hardwick called investigators to a meeting to discuss ways to move the probe forward. Hardwick says authorities have already questioned more than 20-people about the blaze. The sheriff, state fire marshal and the Kirksvile police are investigating.

Two Busted on Drug Charges

Two people are facing felony drug charges after what started as a burglary investigation. Macon Police were called to a report of a break-in at a home in the 400 block of Goggin Street. Further investigation led officers to the residence of a Macon man, where a large amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia were discovered. Lannis McAlpin and Alexis Hohman were arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance.

Luetkemeyer Attacks EPA Regs

Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer says Environmental Protection Agency policies are killing jobs and hurting rural America. Luetkemeyer spoke to a forum organized by the Rural America Solutions Group. In his remarks, the congressman singled out E-P-A regulations for private lands and water. He said the E-P-A wants to regulate “everything from mud-puddles to dust.” Luetkemeyer calls it a power grab that threatens family farmers.

School Use of City Park

The Kirksville School Board is in negotiations with the city to continue use of the North Park Complex for athletic events. The tentative contract is a five-year agreement that will cost the school a 6-thousand dollar facility usage fee each year. The Kirksville schools would get the ball fields for 15 hours per week. The school board will give the contract a final review and put it up for approval next month. The Kirksville City Council has informally agreed to the contract, and will vote on it in the future.