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Maylee Knew Victims

A 23 year old Fulton Missouri man did have connections to his victims.

We told you last week about the arrest of Joshua William Maylee for three alleged murders and one attempted murder in Holts Summit. And, we told you that investigators didn’t believe that Maylee knew his victims. Turns out, he did. The probable cause statement that was filed the day after Maylee was captured shows that victims Eugene Pinet and Jeff Werdehausen were associates of Maylee’s. Gina Werdehausen, who survived the shooting, told police that Maylee had been causing trouble recently and making threats. Maylee is in jail with no bond.

Amendment 3: Proactive

Stopping a tax that’s never been enacted. That’s on the ballot on Tuesday.

Amendment 3 would establish a constitutional amendment that would prevent state or local governments from imposing a “transfer tax.” Missouri Association of Realtors President Elizabeth Mendenhall says the Show Me State is trying to show how proactive it is.

Mendenhall said, “It’s a tax on a piece of property anytime it transfers from one person to another. It could be from a buyer to a seller, it could be from a builder to a developer, it could even be from a loved one to their heir. Many states have a transfer tax. Missouri currently does not, so this is a proactive measure.”

State Representative Jeanette Mott Oxford says it’s not necessary and that the state has no intention of enacting the tax.

Man Kills Three in Holts Summit

Mid-Missouri authorities captured a man wanted tor a triple murder this week. They’d been looking for Joshua William Maylee for a couple of days, and finally found him yesterday. Police said the 23 year old Maylee is accused of shooting Eugene and Jackie Pinet and Jeffrey Werdehausen, all of Holts Summit. Werdehausen’s wife was also shot but authorities say she’s expected to survive. Maylee showed up at a house in Cooper County, this week asking for help for with what police said were superficial wounds. Police won’t say why the four victims were targeted, just that they were somehow tied to Maylee.


The Kirksville Police Department advises you to AVOID if at all possible the 1700-1800 blocks of East Hamilton due to traffic congestion caused by a water main break.
The water main break will cause one lane-only traffic in this area until the break can be fixed. It will probably cause significant traffic backups and other issues.

US 63 Bypass Update

If you missed the public meeting Wednesday night concerning the status of the US 63 bypass project, materials from it are still available to view. Project manager Preston Kramer:

Next steps include opening Route 11 and closing Route 6 where they meet the bypass:

For current updates and progress on all 63 bypass projects head over to MoDot’s website, modot-dot-org-slash-north central.

Truman State Study Finds Mixed Bag for Athletes on Artificial Turf

A study conducted by researchers at Truman State shows that artificial turf is a mixed bag for college athletes playing on the surface. Football players’ times on a standard agility drill were 3% faster on artificial field turf than on natural grass, but there was little difference in their times for the 40-yard dash.

The study included 24 players whose average on the 40-yard dash turned out to be 5.34 seconds on field turf and 5.33 seconds on natural grass. Their average on the pro-agility shuttle test was 4.49 seconds on field turf and 4.64 seconds on natural grass.

“It appears that straight-ahead sprint speed is similar between field turf and natural grass, but change-of-direction speed may be significantly faster on field turf,” Graydon L. Gaines, of Truman State University and colleagues wrote in the October issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

The study authors said the lack of difference in 40-yard dash times was surprising. Field turf produces less slippage between the shoe and surface and should be expected to produce faster sprint times. But the researchers suggested the results may have been affected by differences in the shoe sole and stud configuration used in the study.

The investigators also noted that reduced slippage associated with field turf may increase an athlete’s risk of injury while making sudden direction changes, “although evidence for this is currently lacking.”

Former LaPlata officer Pleads in Sex Case

A former LaPlata police officer faces the possibility of up to five years in prison after being convicted charges relating to his having sex with a female prisoner while on duty. According to court documents Ryan Slaughter pleaded guilty to lying to F-B-I agents during the investigation of the encounter.

The FBI was informed of the incident the same day it happened, according to testimony during Slaughter’s plea hearing this week. He admitted this sequence of events: after arresting a young woman for suspected drunk driving in March 2008, he took her to the police department offices and ended up in a sexual encounter with her while still on duty, in uniform, and in one of the department offices. He admitted lying to an FBI agent later the same day when questioned about the situation, saying he had released the woman from custody prior to the encounter. Slaughter is to be sentenced in January.

MO, NE Govs Place Friendly Wager on Big 12 Rivalry

Governor Jay Nixon has made a friendly water with Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman on who will win Saturday’s Big 12 North showdown in Lincoln.

The game’s between the undefeated Missouri Tigers and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Governor Nixon is staking: “Black and Gold Blend” black walnut and chocolate candy from Hammons Black Walnuts, out of Stockton, Missouri; An authentic hand-crafted Missouri walnut bowl; and a selection of fishing lures, or jigs, from the Grizzly Jig Company, in Caruthersville. Governor Heineman is offering Omaha Steaks for Governor Nixon. The game is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on Saturday and will be nationally televised.

Cold Weather Rule Starts November 1

In between Halloween and Election Day this year is November 1, and November 1 is when Missouri’s Cold Weather Rule goes into effect.
The Cold Weather rule means that the utility that you use to heat your home cannot be shutoff for nonpayment if that utility falls under the PSC’s jurisdiction. It also provides you more time to get your utility bills caught up or that a large heating bill can be split into several small ones so that they’re affordable for you to pay. It also means that the elderly and disabled cannot have their utilities shut off for nonpayment during cold weather months. The Cold Weather Rule is in effect until March 31. For more, go to

Free Appliance Disposal Nov. 8-12

If you live in Kirksville, it may be time to consider getting rid of an old appliance that’s been taking up space in your garage. You can do it for free the week of November 8th. The City of Kirksville is offering the opportunity for residents to dispose of household appliances free of charge, regardless of whether it contains Freon. The actual pick up of appliances will be done by Perfect Metals. Household appliances that will be eligible for pick up include: Refrigerators, Freezers, Stoves, Ovens, Air Conditioning Units, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Microwaves, Toasters, Furnaces, Hot Water Heaters and Space Heaters.

If you’re interested, call Perfect Metals at 665-8000, or 651-0290 to schedule a pick up during the week of November 8-12.