Drought Getting Worse and Showing No Signs of Abating

The latest Drought Monitor report paints a bleak picture for Missouri. The Monitor updates information each week and it is now saying 90 percent of the topsoil across the Midwest is short or very short on moisture. The drought’s intensity is increasing, rapidly, with five states, including Missouri, experiencing conditions classified as “severe” or worse. About 80 percent of the pastureland in Missouri is considered to be in poor or very poor shape. And conditions are not expected to get better, with little rain and more intense heat forecast for the rest of the summer.

Governor Nixon is adding another $5 million in funding for a drought-assistance program for farmers to help drill or deepen water wells. The governor is also directing $1.5 million in unspent heating assisance money to be used to help low-income Misouri families pay for colling costs.