Synthetic Drugs Crackdown

St. Louis-area police and prosecutors say the nationwide crackdown on synthetic designer drugs is fair warning to makers, distributors and sellers: Authorities are coming after you.

The Drug Enforcement Administration on Thursday announced that it had seized more than $36 million in cash and arrested 91 people Wednesday in a nationwide crackdown on synthetic drugs including so-called bath salts and fake marijuana. In addition, 5 million packets of synthetic drugs were seized. The figures include six arrests and the seizure of more than 210,000 packets in the six states covered by the St. Louis DEA office: Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and southern Illinois. Officials in the Midwestern states also seized $1.4 million and four vehicles.Synthetic drugs have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years, sold under names such as “Spice” or “Vanilla Sky” in head shops, smoke shops and convenience stores.