Tilley Resigns

— Missouri House Speaker Steven Tilley announced Monday that he is stepping down several months before his final term ends, though the Republican leader is not leaving politics.

Tilley, who plans to work on political campaigns and public policy issues, said he resigned elected office to avoid working simultaneously as a paid consultant and as House speaker. Tilley said a “key factor” in his decision was spending more time with his daughters. Last November, Tilley also pointed to a desire to spend more time with his daughters when he dropped out of the lieutenant governor’s race despite amassing more than $1.5 million in his campaign account. He said at that time another consideration was that he and his wife, Kellie, filed for divorce last September. Tilley, an optometrist from Perryville , first was elected to the Missouri House in 2004. He spent three years as the House majority leader and was selected speaker in January 2011