Arson Suspect Seeks to Have Evidence Withheld from Jury

One of the three people accused of setting fire to the Brashear Park playground is fighting some of the evidence collected from her car, saying the traffic stop was illegal.

If Athena Wolter is successful, jury members would not hear during her trial that police found lighter fluid, alcohol and lighters in the car. They also would not hear testimony either from the people in the car or police about what was said during the traffic stop. Her attorney says the search of the car was done without Wolter’s consent, and that police did not have reasonable suspicion she had committed a crime before searching the car. Wolter, along with Shelby Snelling and Jaston Boone are charged with the park fire and several others that night. While the others have not had a similar motion filed their cases, Wolter’s attorney is seeking to have the evidence excluded from all three cases. No word yet on when the motion will be heard.