Livestock Symposium Program Announced

Next month’s annual Livestock Symposium promises a packed agenda when it brings producers to Kirksville.

Organizers announced the theme and panelists for the symposium yesterday. It is the weekend of Friday December 7th and Saturday the 8th. Planning committee chair Garry Mathes, says his group wanted to address the drought and climate impact, feed costs, and economic outlook for livestock and feed. They will do that with a panel of experts from the University of Missouri.

Mathes also said the committee wanted to address another hot topic of interest to producers-cover crops and soil health. As such, a second panel in the forages section will take a “Practiced Look at Cover Crops and Soil Health.” Mathes notes there will be a lot more of interest in addition to the forages program. There is a full lineup of nationally acclaimed speakers on beef cattle, sheep, meat goats, stock dogs, farm succession, backyard poultry and short and long term weather outlook. The Symposium also features a free trade show and two free meals-a beef supper on Friday evening at 6 p.m. and a Governor’s Style Luncheon on Saturday at noon.