KPD Tries to Reduce Holiday Burglaries

After more than 30 residential break-ins over the holiday break last year, Kirksville Police are trying to reduce the likelihood of another rash of thefts:

Last year, groups of multiple thieves used crow bars to force entry to at least 30 homes, taking items like jewelry, gaming consoles, DVDs and televisions. This year Kirksville Police are reminding residents before they leave for the holidays of the importance of locking up, checking up and staying alert.

Detective Jeremy Cordray says last year some ofthe burglaries were done in broad daylight. He says not only should you secure your own property, take action if your home ora neighbor’s home is broken into and items stolen. Officers have also been notifying residents door-to-door in highly-populated areas, in particular apartment complexes and student-heavy neighborhoods. Last week, more than 1,000 informative fliers have been posted on doors or on vehicle windshields.