Phone Scam Running in Adair County

Adair County Prosecuting Attorney Matt Wilson says scammers are invoking his name to scare people into giving away personal information.

In a news release, Wilson said yesterday his office has been receiving calls since the first of last week about scammers who are calling Adair county residents.The caller, who is after someone’s credit card and other personal information, claims there is a bad check that needs to be paid for immediately or Wilson’s office will file an arrest warrant for the victim. Wilson’s office does not call those with bad checks, he says, instead sending them a letter identifying the specific check and giving them a deadline to respond before any further action is taken. Wilson does not say whether anyone has actually fallen for the scam, but he indicates the phone callers are using some fairly high-pressure tactics to bully victims out of their personal information. He says to either hang upon them or to try and get as much information from them as you can without giving out your information, then hang up and call his office.