Keep the Season Merry: Secure Your Stuff

Kirksville Police Department are reminding all of us who may be traveling for the holidays: secure your stuff.

While everyone needs to practice the same vigilance in protecting their property many students from the community become victims of property crime. The KPD is making attempts to inform area students of some things they can do to keep their property safe. Police Officers will be posting fliers on doors and cars windows of areas prone to these property crimes.

Beyond the standard advice to keep your home and car locked and valuables out of sight, here are some other tips: Take pictures of your valuables. Make a list of the items you have (record serial numbers, makes and models). Lock your items in a safe; don’t keep credit cards and checks out where they can be found. Leave a light on or use a timer. Do not leave a hidden key so that anyone can find it. Leave it with a friend and have them check on the home regularly. Take your valuables with you while you are gone.