Phone, Mail Scams Appearing

Lewis county authorities say telephone scammers are working in the county:

Sheriff David Parrish said yesterday there are three scams being reported right now. The first is a reappearance of the scam where a caller claims you’ve won a Publisher’s Clearinghouse prize, even though you’ve not entered one of their drawings. The twist this time around is that the caller claims to be a bank president or FBI agent in an effort to convince the caller to wire funds so the victim can “claim their winnings.”

The second scam reported is the “family member” ruse.This time, the caller is claiming to be a distant relative who has been arrested in Florida and needs money wired to get out of jail.

The third scam is not being done by phone, but by mail. The intended victim reported receiving an official-looking postcard concerning Medicare changes, and asking the recipient to call a number to discuss the changes. Parrish says the information on the card is false.