New Trench Rescue Equipment in Kirksville

Making underground work safer for city employees:

Kirksville city council members will hear at their meeting this week about trench rescue equipment — those huge devices that get lowered into an open trench to hold it open in case the walls collapse. They’re required by a raft of federal safety regulations. There’s a problem with the ones the city uses now: someone has to go into the open trench to measure and cut the posts that hold the metal plates apart. Public works and the Fire Department would like to change that. They’re asking the council to buy new trench rescue equipment that can simply be lowered, already assembled, into a trench before anyone has to get down in the ground. After conferring with the city’s risk management provider, the Fire Department is asking to go ahead with the purchase, which would cost the city about 42-hundred dollars out of pocket. The other 66-hundred dollars of the cost will be paid by the Risk Management provider.