MoDOT Trash Bash in April

First day of spring, and, just maybe some of the welcome signs of spring aren’t far off:

Green shoots and flowering trees and bulbs promise warmer weather ahead. Unfortunately, other sights during spring aren’t so welcome, such as litter along roads and highways, in our communities and in our outdoor spaces. You can help fight litter in Missouri through the state‚Äôs annual No MOre Trash! month-long Trash Bash in April.

The Trash Bash is sponsored by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) as part of their ongoing No MOre Trash! statewide anti-litter campaign. The annual Trash Bash encourages people to clean up litter all across Missouri, from roadsides, parks, neighborhoods, rivers, streams, trails and other places. Trash Bash activities in April also include educational efforts in schools, at highway rest areas, and through community events, Earth Day celebrations, media promotions and more.