Road Closures as of Wednesday Afternoon

The following routes are closed in NE Missouri due to flooding. MoDOT reminds motorists it is dangerous to drive into water-covered roads. We will continue to monitor the following areas and update if conditions change.

Route E – 4 miles east of US 63 at Bear Creek

US 61 – at Alexandria approximately 2.4 miles east of US 136 near the Des Moines River Bridge
Route D – approx. 2 miles west of MO 81 at Wyaconda River

Route F – just east of Route A at Little Fabius River
Route K – just west of Colony at Middle Fabius River
MO 11 – west of MO 15 1.4 miles west of Baring at South Fabius River
MO 151 – south of MO 156 junction .4 mile at North River near Novelty

Route B – closed Flood Gates Installed just north of Canton
Route E – 2.5 miles west of Williamstown at North Fabius River

Route N – east of MO 79 at Mississippi River

Route J – 3 miles west of US 63 at East Fork of Chariton River
Route PP – 3.5 miles east of US 63 at Middle Fork Salt River

Route J – ½ mile south of MO 151 at Middle Fork Salt River at Duncans Bridge
Route C – between Route M and the Audrain County line at Long Branch Creek
MO 151 – south of Route K 1 mile at Flat Creek north of Madison

Route P – east of levee at the Mississippi River Access

Route A – 1 mile south of Downing at the North Fork Middle Fabius River

Route C – west of MO 15 junction 3 miles at South Wyaconda River
Route T – almost 2 miles west of MO 15 near Bible Grove at North Fork Middle Fabius River
Route MM – just south of Memphis at North Fabius River

Route N – north of Lentner and 3 miles south of Route K at North Fork Salt River
Route K – west of Shelbyville approx. 1.1 miles at Black Creek
MO 151 – north of Clarence near Route K at North Fork Salt River