Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Discussed

Kirksville City Hall’s lobby bustled with the overflow of people from last night’s city council meeting. The crowd stood and sat around as one person after another made their way through and into the meeting hall to speak before the council. This once rare sight has become common in the last month, as the council has struggled to find common ground on a proposed sexuality and gender identity non-discrimination ordinance.

The ordinance’s most disputed effect would create legal ramifications for workplace discrimination based on sexuality and gender identity in Kirksville. Some say this is essential for protecting Kirksville’s diverse community, while others consider the ordinance unnecessary and insist it will create more harm than good. While concerned citizens spoke their minds at the council meeting however, the council itself had decided at their study session earlier in the day to continue to revise and discuss the ordinance themselves.
Council member Glen Moritz is a proponent.He and opponents Bob Russel and Roger Edge engaged in serious discussion during the session. Russel and Edge both cited language they deemed too vague in the ordinance, and the chance that that language might be exploited, while Moritz insisted that they were misinterpreting it. They also argued over the prevalence of any discrimination within the city.