About-Face on Human Rights Ordinance

Kirksville city council does an about-face and passes a law to ban discrimination against gays.

It’s been a hot topic for weeks. And Mayor Detweiler was the swing vote both times, first when the idea was defeated…and again last night when the idea was approved. Detweiler switched his vote, so the new ordinance passed 3-2. It says you can’t refuse to to rent or sell a residence to someone who’s gay — and you cannot refuse to hire a person just because they’re a homosexual…and the city will have a compliance officer to hear complaints.

The law doesn’t have a lot of teeth. If the compliance officer finds a case of discrmination it could mean a fine of $200 bucks. And the fight may not be over, some are calling for a vote by city residents and others have said they might take the matter to court.