Kirksvile Council Discusses Pay

There are a number of other cities Kirksville’s size in the region where city council members receive more of a stipend for their work than do the council members here. That has part of the council pushing to implement pay raises for future council members in Kirksville. The idea was raised recently at a study session, and came up again during this week’s regular meeting. Right now, council members receive $50 for each regular or special meeting they attend where city business is discussed and a vote is taken. The proposal is to up that to $200 a month for council members and $300 a month for the mayor; Richard Detwiler flatly opposed both ideas, as did Jerry Mills. The proposal came from Mayor Glen Moritz with support from Bob Russell. While Richard Steele offered the numbers, he said initially he was on the fence about it, then said he rally was leaning toward it. That was enough to get the matter on a future agenda for a formal vote.