Koster Asks Court to hold Walgreens in Contempt

Attorney General Chris Koster has filed a motion for contempt against Walgreen Co. of Illinois, after a new investigation found stores are routinely deceiving customers with expired tags displayed in stores. According to Koster, his office visited 50 Walgreens stores across the state July 26th through September 1st and found over 1,300 expired sales tags in 49 of the stores, despite a court order in which Walgreens promised to remove tags within 12 hours of their expiration. Hundreds of those tags were weeks past their expiration date, with two that had expired in 2013.  The court order was entered following an agreement between Walgreens and the Attorney General’s office to resolve Koster’s August 2013 lawsuit for expired and incorrect tags. The contempt motion asks the court to fine the company up to $5,000 for every expired tag that was discovered during the recent inspections, plus an additional penalty for every day that an expired tag is found to be hanging in a store in the future.