Local Leaders Support Tax on Cellphones for E-911

You might be paying more on your cell phone bill to cover emergency services.

Leaders with the city of Kirksville and the Adair County Commission met yesterday to discuss working together to help push for legislation to collect a tax on cellphones. The money would then go towards funding 911 dispatch centers throughout the state. A bill introduced during the state Legislative Session, authorized counties, and cities not within a county, to impose a monthly fee, not to exceed $1.50, on devices able to contact 911 in effort to fund 911 services. That billl passed the House, but not the Senate. But the effort is gaining more support from cities and counties across the state.

Locally under the E-911 Joint Services agreement, the city of Kirksville, the Adair County Commission, Truman State University and the Adair County Ambulance District each pay a percentage to help fund the E-911 Dispatch Center to help provide emergency services in the area.