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Flu Shot Clinic in Milan

Get a flu shot while you root on the home team? You can do that in Milan this weeked. Homecoming festivities kick off today in Milan, and the Sullivan County Health Department will be holding a free flu clinic both before and after the homecoming parade tomorrow. The clinic will be held on the southeast corner of the courthouse square in Milan, from 10:30am until 2pm and then starting again at 3pm. The vaccine will be available for ages four and over, anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Kentucky Couple Arrested for Presciption Drug Fraud

A couple from Kentucky were arrested in Randolph County for prescription drug fraud.. According to Highway Patrol, the arrests were made when 48 year old Kenneth E. Browning, of Corbin, Kentucky and 40 year old Angela S. Turner, of Booneville, Kentucky, allegedly attempted to obtain prescription drugs. Both charged with fraudulently attempting to obtain a controlled substance. Turner is also charged with felony possession of hydrocodone.

Training for Law Enforcement Held in Kirksville

Law enforcement agencies from across the state of Missouri were in Kirksville yesterday. The aencies attended a training seminar to learn more about how to investigate cases that deal with the death of a child. The training, held at the Adair County Annex Building in Kirksville, educated attendees on the common mistakes made during a death scene investigation, how to properly conduct a child death investigation, and how to use digital evidence during an investigation. State Technical Assistance Team Investigation Managers conducted the seminars.

In God We Trust Controversy

An aethiest group, not happy with the Sheriff in Greene county. The battle is over the words “In God We Trust.” The sheriff in Green county has a decal with that motto on patrol cars. But the aethiest group known as the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” says the decals should go because they don’t like it. A leader of the organization says the decal excludes people who don’t trust in God. Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott told a newspaper he doesn’t plan to remove or replace the decals. He says “In God We Trust” is the nation’s motto, appearing on U.S. currency, courthouses nationwide and Greene County’s seal. The state Sheriff’s Association voted unanimously last month to place the decal on patrol cars across the state.

Guilty Verdict in Child Molestation Case

Guilty verdict in a local child molestation case. A jury convicted 71 year old Jacob Yagel of molesting a child five years ago on Halloween. The offense happened in Linn county and the case was moved to Adair county for trial. Yagel was locked up without bond after the verdict — he will be sentenced in mid november.

Source of Sonic Boom Identified

The “boom” heard around northeast Missouri on Monday afternoon has been identified. The two loud booms were caused by a supersonic plane. The The Whiteman Air Force Base said the noise was likely caused by a Boeing aircraft on a test flight from its St. Louis factory. The sudden loud booms rattled a number of people enough to call the police. The Kirksvillle Police Department recieved at least 20 calls Monday afternoon – mostly from residents in the north end of the city.

Koster Asks Court to hold Walgreens in Contempt

Attorney General Chris Koster has filed a motion for contempt against Walgreen Co. of Illinois, after a new investigation found stores are routinely deceiving customers with expired tags displayed in stores. According to Koster, his office visited 50 Walgreens stores across the state July 26th through September 1st and found over 1,300 expired sales tags in 49 of the stores, despite a court order in which Walgreens promised to remove tags within 12 hours of their expiration. Hundreds of those tags were weeks past their expiration date, with two that had expired in 2013.  The court order was entered following an agreement between Walgreens and the Attorney General’s office to resolve Koster’s August 2013 lawsuit for expired and incorrect tags. The contempt motion asks the court to fine the company up to $5,000 for every expired tag that was discovered during the recent inspections, plus an additional penalty for every day that an expired tag is found to be hanging in a store in the future.

Charity Dinner to honor Vincent Price

Truman State University will host a Charity Dinner to honor Vincent Price

The dinner will also celebrate the 30th anniversary of Vincent Price’s 1985 Homecoming visit. The late film legend Vincent Price performed at Truman more than any other university in the country. Victoria Price, his daughter, will be on campus for the event. “A Treasury of Great Recipes” 50th Anniversary Charity Dinner will take place at 6 p.m October 8th in the Georgian Rooms of the Student Union to benefit the Vincent Price Theatrical Performance Scholarship. The dinner will feature an “around the world” gourmet tasting featuring selections from Vincent’s cookbook, “A Treasury of Great Recipes.” Following the dinner, there will be an evening of entertainment, including a free presentation by Victoria Price.

Dinner tickets can be reserved by phone at 660-785-4133 and online at RSVP for the event by Sept. 28. Ticket availability is limited.

Toddler Drowns in Scotland County

Sad story — a toddler drowns at a babysitter’s house.

It happened in Scotland county. The coroner says that little Joy Coblentz — just two years old died yesterday morning. She and another two year old were playing and fell into a water trank used for cattle. Happened around 10:30 on Scotland County road B.

The other child could stand up in the tank and was not hurt. But Joy Coblentz could not get back up.

New Sign at Kirksville Airport

The Kirksville Regional Airport has a new look. The new sign sporting the airport’s new logo is now on display at the entrance to the airport. The old sign was damaged during a storm, and the new sign is designed to be weather resistant. The Kirksville Regional Airport Director says more improvements at the airport are coming.