Home Care Workers Launch Petition for Better Pay

They help the elderly stay in their homes, but home-care workers in Missouri say right now they’re barely making enough to stay in their own. That’s why they’ve launched a petition drive in hopes voters will have the chance to weigh in on the issue.

Right now, the state pays vendors in Missouri’s consumer-directed services program more than 15 dollars for every hour of service provided, but home-care workers receive, on average, about half of that. The Missouri Home Care Union has launched a petition drive to require that service providers pay them at least 85-percent of the fees they receive from the state.

In order to put the issue on the November 2016 ballot, the group must gather more than 100-thousand valid signatures by May. A contract that would allow consumers to determine how much they would like to pay their home-care attendants has been on Governor Jay Nixon’s desk since January.