Child Murdered in St. Charles

Heartbreaking story from St. Charles. A toddler dead. Police blame his drug-using parents for leaving the child abandoned.

The little boy was found dead Sunday — he’d been left in a room for 36 hours — with a space heater running. Police say the parents never checked on because they were using meth. Braydon Barnes died a terrible death — overheating in his crib. Arrested, 25 year old Lucas Barens and 22 year old Kathleen Peacock. The prosecutor says the space heater ran continuously, had no automatic shut-off. When the parents did finally check on the child — he was unresponsive, apparently he’d been dead awhile. Investigators say there’s no question the two parents were there — heard the child crying and did absolutely nothing. The mother, told investigators he heard noise and knew she SHOULD check on him but ignored it. The autopsy also showed the child had not eaten in two days was under nourished. Meantime, Kathleen Peacock is pregnant again.The prosecutor said juvenile authorities will consider what will happen to the child when it’s born.