Missouri General Assembly Hot Topics

The Missouri General Assembly met for its first session of the year this week.
Infrastructure and transportation issues are sure to be hot topics this session, especially after voters rejected a statewide sales tax in 2014 that would have raised over a half-a-billion-dollars in annual revenue.  Now lawmakers need to figure out another way to pay for road projects.  The Missouri Department of Transportation has been scaling back its road maintenance because of a lack of funding.

Missouri legislative leaders say providing resources to help with flood recovery efforts is a top priority for them this session as well.

And another issue state lawmakers intend to deal with…Politicians fooling around. A bill has been introduced at the State Capital to address ethics concerns. The capital was rocked by scandal — when a lawmaker was involved sexually with an intern. Now a bill has been introduced that would require lobbyists to report if they’re having sex with an elected official — or a member of the lawmaker’s staff. The bill was filed by Republican Representative Bart Korman, of High Hill. But, if a lawmaker was fooling around with a lobbyist — before he was elected — then the bill allows him to still keep the sex a secret.