Bank Robberies Connected

Three men have been sentenced for a bank robbery in Moberly, but Kirksville police now say they robbed a bank here a week earlier.

On august 15th of 2014 a man weilding a gun and wearing a “joker” mask robbed the Bank of Kirksville north branch…a week later, a man fitting the same discription, wearing the same mask robbed the bank midwest in moberly. In that robbery, witnesses reported seeing three men flee in a vehicle…firing at another vehicle pursuing them.

All three men eventually plead guilty for the moberly robbery. Jeremy burnett is serving ten years. Clarence Williams is serving 92 months and Daniel Rudroff is serving 78 months. No one was ever charged in the Kirksville robbery…police now say they do not plan to pursue charges…but they believe Burnett and Williams robbed the bank.