KPD Offers Cold Pet Tips

With the cold winter weather upon us the Kirksville Police Department’s Animal Control has been responding to more calls to check on animals outside in the cold.

In a released statement, Kirksville Animal Control Officer Robert Humphrey said it’s always important to make sure pets have sufficient food and water. Make sure to keep the water fresh and/or us a heated bowl or other method to make sure the water stays liquid. Outside pets also need shelter but in the bitter cold four walls are sometimes not enough. Dog and cat house should be lined with fresh layers of bedding, hay or straw to help keep the animal warm. Straw can be purchased from many local farm supply or hardware stores. Antifreeze is sometime becomes necessary in the winter months for your vehicle but is deadly for pets. Even a small amount of the tempting liquid can be fatal. Makes sure pets do not have access to antifreeze.

If you see a pet that does not appear to be cared for, feel free to contact Animal Control to check on the animal. Just keep in mind that some dog breeds are better suited for cold weather than others and not all animals found left outdoors are abused.

Kirksville Animal Control can be reached through Central Dispatch at 660-665-5621.