Legislative Issues Making Headlines

Several issues in the state legislature making headlines…from taxes to ethics to photo-ID’s for voters.

A committee in the Missouri House has ok’d a bill to require voters to show a photo-ID at the polls. The bill and a constitutional amendment on the issue will now head to the House floor. The constitutional amendment would need voter approval. Past efforts to require photo ID’s to vote in Missouri have been struck down by the state Supreme Court or vetoed by the governor. So, plenty of battles ahead on this one. Meantime, the House has passed bills dealing with ethics. One bill requires politicians to make their personal finances public. That legislation now heads to the Senate.

And on the issue of local taxes, the mayors of Kansas City and St. Louis made doomsday predictions at a committee meeting — predicting that cops and firefighters would be laid off by the hundreds in those two cities IF lawmakers get rid of the earnings tax. It’s an income tax the two cities have that makes up much of their city budgets. But some lawmakers think the local income tax is unconstitutional and needs to be scrapped.