Execution Date Set for Man Convicted in Triple Murder

Execution date set for a Missouri man convicted in a triple murder.

May 11th — the date set by the Supreme Court to execute 66 year old Earl Forrest. He killed a man and woman and a female deputy in Dent county 13 years ago in an alcohol fueled rage. Forrest was boozed up when he went to the home of Harriet Smith — demanding she buy a mobile home since he introduced her to a meth dealer. He ended up killing Smith, and man with her and then killed deputy Joann Barnes in a shootout and wounded two other people. The jury recommended a death sentence for each of the three murders. Back in 2010, A&E did a show about Forrest and he did an interview — showed no remorse and blamed Smith — the woman with the meth — for not holding up her end of a bargain.