State Lawmakers Working on a Variety of Issues

Texting, seat belts and home health care…state lawmakers working on a variety issues.

There are four bill in the state senate that could change life in our vehicles in Missouri. One bill would require everyone in a car to wear a seat belt — right now adults in the back seat don’t have to buckle-up. Another bill would outlaw texting while driving which is only illegal for young drivers at the moment. Another bill would let motorcycle riders who are over 21 ride without a helmet — if they have health insurance. Plenty of debate ahead on those bills. Meantime…a couple of medical items. The senate approved a bill that would let doctors charge a fee to Medicaid patients who miss appointments. And a bill has been passed by both the house and senate to stop the state health dept from paying home-care attendants more money. The state wanted to raise the hourly rate from 7.65 to as high as 10.15 and hour. That bill now goes to the governor.