Kirksville Resident Avoids Scam Attempt

The Adair County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is warning about a phone scam….

A resident was recently contacted by phone. The caller said they represented Publishers Clearning House and told the resident they had won won $3.5 million. The caller went on to say that in order to deliver the winnings, the resident would be given a partial check that needed to be cashed in the resident’s bank, which would be used to pay taxes on the winnings. The resident asked for documentation and also asked for their attorney be present and the caller hung up. Authorites say this type of scam typically asks a person to cash a large check and then send most of the money to an overseas address. The original check later bounces and the victim is on the hook for money owed to the bank. Adair County Prosecuting Attorney Matt Wilson says that if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Secondly, if you did not enter into a contest, drawing or any other item where you can win something, then don’t bite on the bait.