Santa Comes To Kirksville For Pancakes

Pancakes and a visit from the fellow up north made for complete success recently in Kirksville. Karen Johnson has more.

Christmas, and the smell of pancakes, filled the air at the Kirksville Parks and Recreation annual Breakfast with Santa, held on Saturday at Maxwell’s.”We started Breakfast with Santa in 2012 as a fun opportunity for the kids to have a more intimate event with Santa. The planning…takes some time. We have to call Santa, of course, and coordinate with his schedule to make sure he can come up here and visit with us,” said Heather Darrah, recreation specialist for Kirksville Parks and Recreation. “We did it last year and it was super fun,” said Keisha Miller, who attended this year’s breakfast with her sons, Owen and Johnny Miller. For 4-year-old Owen Miller, Saturday morning’s proceedings brought forth an abundance of questions. Why did the elves arrive before Santa Claus, and how? Did the elves ride in a separate sleigh from Santa? Did they travel via a more mundane mode of transportation? By car, perhaps? But young Miller came up with his own conclusion: it must be magic because [Santa] has magic. I’m Karen Johnson