2 Lawsuits Filed Against Kraft Heinz

The Kraft Heinz Company in Kirksville is facing 2 lawsuits by former employees, accusing the company racial and gender discrimination The first lawsuit was filed by an African-American woman, originally from Liberia, in March of this year. It alleges she was temrinated because of her pregnancy, race and national origin, and also claims that the emotional distress she endured at the Kirksville plant led to her child being stillborn. The second lawsuit was filed by a former black employee on May 9. It claims that a line supervisor at the Kraft Heinz facility in Kirksville intentionally assigned the Plantiff to undesirable jobs, criticized him in front of other workers and repeatedly referred to him as a “boy.” The lawsuit states that the plaintiff tried to ignore the harassment and made several complaints about the supervisor to managment before he was terminated. The Kraft Heinz Company has not responded to the lawsuits.