State Plan Causes A Stir in Missouri

Still some division over the use of the state plane funded by taxpayers in Missouri. Karen Johnson has a report.

Gov. Mike Parson says he will be travelling across Missouri using the state plane that has a controversial history. Former Gov. Eric Greitens, who recently resigned, choose not to fly in the state plane to save taxpayers money. He flew privately, but many questions arose during his time in office about who was paying for his flights. There is not always a public record of who pays for private planes used by a governor, where the plane goes or who is on the plane with the governor. Such items are a matter of record when the state plane is used. In 2013, Jay Nixon received a lot of backlash about the new $5.6 million dollar plane purchased by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Some Missouri lawmakers were upset about the cost and that the Highway Patrol didn’t tell them about this purchase. Parson said he is choosing to use the state plane in an effort to push for transparency in his administration. I’m Karen Johnson