Results of Statewide Ballot Initiatives

There were a number of statewide ballot measures for to decide on yesterday. Voters have legalized medical marijuana in Missouri. Amendment two was passed and will allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes under state laws. It does not, however, change federal law, which makes marijuana possession, sale and cultivation a federal offense. Amendment Two was one of three medical marijuana measures on the 2018 Missouri ballot. The others being Amendment Three and Proposition C. Neither of those passed.

Missourians voted “yes” on Amendment One yesterday. Also known as the Clean Missouri initiative, Amendment One will amend the Missouri Constitution regarding redistricting, campaign contributions, lobbyist gifts, limits on lobbying after political service, fundraising locations, and legislative records and proceedings.

Proposition B, which would increase the state’s minimum wage has passed. Missouri’s minimum wage is currently $7.85. Proposition B would raise that to $12 by 2023 with incremental increases every year.

Missouri voters have rejected a proposal that would have raised the state’s gas tax to help pay for road and bridge improvements. Proposition D would have increased the state’s 17-cent-per-gallon tax, which is among the lowest in the nation, by 10 cents a gallon.