EOC Exercise After Action Report

Last month, the city held its first ever full-scale emergency management exercise specifically related to the Kirksvile/Adair County Emergency Operations Center. The four hour excerscise required a full activation of the EOC. Now the after action reort has been relased – which lists what went right and what needs improvement.

Strengths included: the EOC Activation List worked. Sufficient resources/critical disciplines responded to fill critical positions. Good interagency collaborations. Everyone was flexible and adapted to get what needed to be done.

Areas of improvement included: Being too reliant on Web based resources (in case of system failures). Improving the understanding of other’s roles. Improving communication between Divisions. Avoiding duplication of tasks. It was also determined that the city should look for grants to modernize EOC capabilities and communications.

The scenario, for the exercise that was held on December 5th, was set in early May, involves a long-track EF-4 tornado that touches down at Troy Mills, enters/exits Kirksville on the ground, continuing for five more miles into the County.