State Auditor Urges MO Local Governments to Ban Use of Self Deleting Apps

State Auditor Nicole Galloway is encouraging all local governments to prohibit the use of self-deleting applications by officials and employees while conducting public business. In a letter sent to Missouri‚Äôs counties and municipalities, Galloway said that Missourians deserve openness and transparency from all levels of government, but the use of self-deleting applications allows public business to be conducted in the shadows. Galloway added that banning the use of these programs isn’t just good government – it’s common sense. Auditor Galloway included updated guidelines adopted by the State Records Commission related to electronic communications. These guidelines, approved by a bipartisan vote, stipulate that use of auto-deleting applications should be prohibited by policy. The same guidelines were also approved by the Local Records Board. Missouri taxpayers have reportedly spent $366,000 on private attorneys to defend former Governor Eric Greitens’ use of a self-deleting text message app.