Nixon: Missouri Right to Limit Funeral Protests

Governor Nixon says Missouri is right to try to limit protests at military funerals. The governor said he believes those who fought and died for our country deserve the utmost respect at their funerals. Nixon said, “Missourians share a deep respect for people that serve in the military and those that pay the ultimate price. We don’t think that is the proper place in the Show Me State for folks to use as a place for protest especially for issues with little relevance to the matter at hand.
While Judge Fernando Gaitan says that protesters have the right to speak their minds at military funerals, as Nixon said, on subjects that have nothing to do with a military funeral, the governor said Missouri will keep a watchful eye. Nixon said, “If it requires legislative aciton after that, we’ll certainly be ready to assist the legislature to make sure Missouri’s law continues to provide a place for respect for our fallen heroes.”
Judge Gaitan said the state failed to show governmental interest in protecting the funeral setting, keeping protesters away. Nixon said the state is ready to challenge the court on the funeral ruling.