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NEMO Heart Health Defibrillator Update

A local group of citizens concerned with the cardiac health of people out in public in Kirksville have been indtrumental in bringing defibrilators to the community. Kirksville Mayor Richard Detweiler explains how one group made it their goal to bring these safety machines to the area.

The A-E-D’s have been installed at the Kirksville Regional Airport, the Aquatic center, city hall, Hyvee and other public locations. Mayor Detweiler says that the machines are very user friendly and efficient.

The NEMO Heart Health Group is training all the personnel they can at the locations of the A-E-D’s to ensure that they are always able to be used. The devices were purchased through grants and sponsorhip by local organizations, such as the city council and Northeast regional medical center.

Kirksville Helps Poplar Bluff

National guard soldiers form Kirksville and Macon are among those helping in flood-ravaged Poplar BLuff. The Missouri National Guard task force currently has approximately 680 Soldiers and Airmen on emergency duty in southeast Missouri in response to flood conditions and at the Lambert Air National Guard facility in St. Louis as a result of last week’s tornado.

Although flood efforts have been stabilized in the Poplar Bluff area, Missouri National Guard Soldiers continue their efforts in other portions of southeast Missouri. Units supporting the flood response include the 1438th Engineer Company of Macon and Kirksville.

Rotary In Town

You’ll see lots of Rotarians in Kirksville this weekend.

More than 300, in fact, and they’ll bring guests. They’re part of the 54 clubs that make up District 6040 of Rotary International and they’re in town for a conference this weekend. Its called “Celebrating Service – Celebrating Clubs” and it will do just that — celebrate Rotary Clubs. There are nearly 3000 members in District 6040 and they’re in northern Missouri and in Kansas City. And why are they celebrating in Kirksville? Well, why not! And besides, Kirksville is home to 2010-11 Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith and to District 6040 Governor Jeff Romine. There are events planned for both today and tomorrow.

Ameren Owes Customers $17.1M

Its a victory for the consumer!

The Missouri Public Service Commission found in favor of Ameren Missouri’s customer when it determined that sales agreements with other electric power companies that were forged between March first, 2009 and September 30, 2009 are off system sales and that the revenues should become part of the Fuel Adjustment Clause. The PSC said that means that customers should get more than 17 million dollars in refunds from Ameren and that it should be apply to Ameren’s future Fuel Adjust Clauses. The commission said Ameren should not have included revenue of power sold to other companies when it figured its rates under its fuel adjustment clause.

Moberly Street Seal Work Today

Moberly will begin street sealing and overlay projects today on several streets.

Starting at 7am today:
Cedar Lake
Cedar Lake Spur
Emerson St. — Quinn to Concannon
Emerson St. — Concanon to Reed
Cleveland — 800 block Halleck St. to McKinsey
Buchanan — Emerson to Holman
N. Ault — 300-1000 Blocks of Coates to Washington.

Starting at 5pm today:
N 4th — 100-300 Blocks Rollins to Franklin
N 5th — 100-200 blocks Rollins to Coates

No parking on the street before or during the projects. Those making trips through the area should consider another route for about 24 hours to avoid oil stains on vehicles.

School Scam Making Rounds

Local authorities say a scam is going around, claiming to be raising funds for Kirksville R-3 schools. According to city and school officials yesterday, if an advertising company contacts you or your business and offers to place ads on Kirksville school athletic items, handouts, or other memorabilia under the deceit of fundraising……..beware. The Kirksville Police Department and the Kirksville R-III School District say it is probably a scam.

Several complaints have been received recently from local business owners that they have been approached or solicited by phone to be local school athletic sponsors. Kirksville Schools Athletic Director Andy Jackson says, “if you are not approached for fundraising by a student or staff member directly related to the Kirksville schools, it is probably a scam. If you are in doubt, I encourage you to call the school and confirm that the funds are going to the Kirksville Schools before contributing financially to cause.”

Headin’ Outback to Australia!

The Macon Area Chamber wants to send some kids down under.

Its true, mate! The chamber is holding a spaghetti dinner and a live auction next month to help raise money to send the International Ag Class to Australia. The students probably won’t get the chance again, so help them out. The auction and dinner are on May 13 and dinner starts at 6 p.m. Its at the Macon Expo Center, by the fairgrounds, south of town. You can get tickets from chamber members.

Rotary Conference This Weekend

Kirksville welcomes members of 54 Rotary clubs to town this weekend for th District 6040 conference. The district has nearly 3,000 members and includes Kansas City and the northern half of Missouri. Kirksville is home of the current District 6040 Governor, Jeff Romine, and of the 2010-2011 Rotary International President, Ray Klinginsmith. Nearly 350 Rotarians and their families are expected Friday and Saturday. They’ll be meeting at the Catholic Newman Center and most will stay at the Days Inn.

Edina Man Wins $1,4 Million in Missouri Lotto

One point four million dollars…that’s before taxes, but still, an Edina man hit it big with the Missouri Lotto.

“People kept calling, saying “Hey, somebody from Edina, Missouri won that lottery and nobody’s turned it in. Did you buy a ticket/” I said, “yes, I did.” They said, “You won!”

But even then, it took 54 year old Michael McClanahan’s ten year old grandson to look the numbers over on the ticket and match them to the actual number and say “Grandpa, they match.” before he believed he won. So how does a nearly 1.5 million dollar winner protect his ticket?

McCalnahan said, “Slept with it all night long. And the wife said, “You ought to put that under the mattress.” I said, “Ah! If there’s a fire, I’m grabbin’ my billfold. I might be out there standing in my underwear, but my billfold’s gonna be with me,” I said.”

Thankfully, there was no fire, just a hot time for McCalnahan and his family!

Cape Air Hopes to be in the Air Today

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for takeoff.

Or at least Cape Air hopes so. The flights were halted in the wake of the tornado that hit the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport on Friday. Michelle Haynes is the spokeswoman for Cape Air, and she said yesterday that the commuter hopes to be back in the air today. She said the crews in St Louis were working to get flights off the ground from a different gate than their usual, since it was not available because of the tornado. Cape Air canceled some 30 flights on Saturday between Kirksville and St Louis. Nobody was hurt and Haynes said no planes were damaged in the storm.