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New regulations for commercial truck drivers

The National Transportation Department has released new regulations on what hours commercial truckers can drive.
Missouri’s Transportation Department spokesman Chuck Gohring says the new regulations, which decrease the number of hours truckers can work per week and restricts drivers from being on the road between 1 and 5 am, are to keep drivers safe.
He says the rules hadn’t changed in decades, and it was time for regulations to be updated. Also, another new regulation, this one created by Missouri’s transportation department, commercial truck drivers in Missouri are prohibited from using their mobile phones while on the road.
He says there hasn’t been a formal response from any truckers unions to his office, but thinks there probably will be.

Mobile Pantry Next Month

There is a mobile food bank coming up next month.

It will be on Saturday January 28 from 11:30 a.m. through 1:30 p.m. The pantry will be at Hamilton Street Baptist Church at 802 West Hamilton Street in Kirksville.
Kirksville. You don’t need to prove your income for this one,but you do need your photo ID, proof that you do live in Adair County, Social Security cards for each member of your family and bags and boxes in which to carry the food. And again, the mobile pantry is on January 28th.

Third Baby Sickened By Formula

A third baby has been infected, apparently after ingesting by baby formula.

Reuters news agency is reporting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the Oklahoma baby tested positive for Cronobacter, which is a bacteria possibly linked to an illness in infants, and found in powdered milk formula. The bacteria has allegedly caused the death of one child and infected another.

Education Dept. concerned about another year of under-funding

The Department of Education is concerned about a funding shortfall, but looks forward to working with the legislature on addressing the problem. Missouri’s school foundation formula is the mechanism the state uses to distribute money to public schools. It has gone underfunded in recent years, and Department of Education Commissioner Chris NiCastro says this year’s outlook is no better.
She says the formula was never designed to be underfunded, and bills filed during the upcoming legislative session will seek to fix that. She says if the structure isn’t reformulated, there will be vast funding differences between districts, creating an environment of winners and losers throughout the state.
NiCastro it’s going to be difficult for the legislature to maintain level funding this year, but the department is still hopeful it will happen. The Department, she says, anticipates working with legislators when they come into session Jan. 4.
The current formula the state uses to fund public schools was revised during the 2005 legislative session, before the economy plummeted.
The new, higher-funding formula was to be phased in over a seven-year period, but the failure to fully fund the formula has thrown that schedule way off. The phase-in process began at the start of fiscal year 2007, which is in July, 2006, with schools receiving 17 percent of their state funding from the new foundation formula and 85 percent from the formula that was written in 1993.
The plan was that each year, the phase-in plan would progressively raise the percentage of funds based on the new, higher foundation formula. For this year, 2012-2013 year, Missouri’s schools should be at 100 percent of the new formula. That has not happened.
NiCastro says she anticipates the legislature will try to rewrite legislation to fix that this year.

City Will Take Your Tree

Now that Christmas is over, here’s what to do with your tree.

You can take your tree, undecorated of course, to the Kirksville city parking lot at Main and Missouri Streets through January 8th. Put it in the marked off area in the lot, and do make sure you’ve taken off all the lights, decorations, tinsel and such. If you have any questions, call
the City of Kirksville Public Works Department at 660-627-1291.


(Kirksville, MO) — The City of Kirksville Public Works Department is again offering a free way for residents to dispose of their Christmas trees. Trees may be dropped off at the City parking lot at the corner of Main and Missouri Streets thru January 8th. Please dispose of trees within the marked area of the parking lot. Citizens are urged to remove all decorations before discarding trees. For more information, please contact Public Works at 660-627-1291.

Two Men Held in Connection with ATV Theft

Two Kirksville men are jailed in conneciton with the recent theft of an ATV. 19-year old Charles Longcor and 21-year old Justin McFarland are being held uner a $25-thousand cash-only bond. According to the sheriff’s office, the ATV was reported stolen on Dec. 13. Saturday, a Kirksville police officer spotted the pair with an ATV that looked similar to the one that had been reported stolen. The officer called the owner and she identified the ATV they had as hers. They told officers they had bought the ATV from a man in Fulton, but they had no documents to back up the claim.

Shelbina Woman Faces Felonies

A Shelbina woman faces three felonies.

Police say Dawn Wear was charged with three counts of felony stealing. Court documents indicate that each charge was for stealing either property or services between 500 and 25 thousand dollars. Prosecutors said Wear stole from three charitable organizations, and that she’ll be in Shelby County Circuit Court on January 27.

Watch Your Charitable Giving

Its time to start thinking about tax deductions.

But the IRS warns, don’t get scammed in the giving process. Spokesman Michael Devine says don’t forget, several smaller organizations have been removed from IRS registered charities list.

He said, “We’ve had some things going on recently where a lot of the littler exempt organizations have failed to file the required paperwork for three years in a row, and so they have been revoked by the IRS.”

Devine says there are about four thousand in Missouri who have not done their homework and would no longer get you a tax deduction if you gave to them by the 31st, so be sure to check them out at

Troops Home

The last Missouri National Guard members have returned to the state as part of the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Iraq. Major General Stephen Danner says the 23 members of the 139th Airlift Wing of the Air National Guard are home just in time to be with their families for Christmas. Those soldiers were providing security at Bagdad International Airport..