Road Patching Set

MoDot Crews are getting set to do some patching work in Adair County soon. All of the work will be done between 7-30 a-m and 4 p-m. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in the areas while the work is being done. On June third, crews will do patching on Route E between u-s 63 and Route V… and on route HH between missouri three and where state maintenance ends. On June 4th, the patchin gwork will be done on Route N from Missouri 11 to Route CC…. and on Route V from Route E to Missouri 6. On June 5th, they’ll work on routes F and KK between route V and Missouri 6. On June 5th AND 6th, crews will move to Route CC between missouri 156 and missouri 11… and Route J between Missouri 6 and Route A.