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If you’ve noticed either blue paint or flags in your yard, don’t be alarmed. The Utility Maintenance Division will be locating stopboxes / water shut-offs at each residence in the city to upgrade the City’s GPS system. Each location in various neighborhoods is marked with either blue paint or flags.

Kirksville Building Rehabilitation Program Transformed

The Kirksville City Council is transforming the existing Building Rehabilitation Program.

Earlier this month, the City Council directed City staff to begin revising the existing Building Rehabilitation Loan Program to extend the availability of the program to all commercial properties within the city limits of the City of Kirksville. The revisions will transform the Building Rehabilitation Loan Program into the new program: the Façade Assistance Program. This program will provide a low interest loan for property owners to rehabilitate or enhance the facades of commercial buildings in the City. The program allows applicants to apply for a loan of up to $7,500 toward exterior improvements to a commercial building. The loan is to be paid back to the City over the course of up to three years at an interest rate one-third of prime. The long-term goal of the Program is to create an environment that will continue to attract new investors, businesses, and residents to the City.

The City Council has previously budgeted $15,000 for the Building Rehabilitation Program for 2016. Those funds are now available through the new Façade Assistance Program.

Blood Drive Today Honors James Stryker Anderson

The Red Cross has been honoring March as Red Cross Month in an effort to celebrate all of its supporters. There are two blood drives in Kirskville today, and one of them is honoring the life of an infant who suffered from a rare blood disorder. Because of the disorder, 1-year-old James Stryker Anderson required daily blood and platelet transfusions. He passed away in early February after a year long battle. Stryker’s mom says blood donors were essential during that battle, and there are more patients like Stryker who can’t make their own red cells or who are on life support who need blood for life. The Red Cross blood drive at Rehoboth Baptist Church is is being held in conjunction with Team Stryker and the Kirksville Kiwanis Club and it’s from from noon to 6 p.m. The other blood drive in the city today is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at at Hy-Vee Food Store, 500 N. Baltimore Street.

State Treasurer Warns of Unclaimed Property Scam

State Treasurer Clint Zweifel is warning residents about an unclaimed property scam throughout the state. Missourians have reported receiving a letter claiming to be from the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, instructing the recipient to pay a fee in order to receive their unclaimed property. The NAUPA does not directly contact owners of unclaimed property. You can check for unclaimed property online at or through the NAUPA at Anyone who believes they have been a victim of this scam are encouraged to contact the Missouri Attorney General’s Consumer Protection hotline at 1(800) 392-8222.

State Budget Battle

Haggling over medicaid….and college money in the legislature.

A state senate committee has the pencil out making changes in the budget approved by the House. Still unsettled — how to handle medicaid — insurance for the poor — costs are skyrocketing. Also, it’s beginning to look as though the governor will not be getting his way on college money. He wants a 6% increase in college funding — which he says would keep tuition from going up next year. But the House only approved 2% more and the Senate’s undecided.

Kirksville Student Nominated to Serve on Truman State’s Board of Governors

The Governor recently announced his nominations and appointments to several boards and commissions throughout the state of Missouri, and one of them is a Truman State University student and Kirksville native. Brooks Templeton was nominated by Governor Nixon to serve on the Truman State University Board of Governors. It’s the highest policy-making body of the university and the student representative is a non-voting member on the board. Templeton is a Kirksville High School graduate and is currently a freshman at Truman State. If Templeton’s his nomination by the Governor is confirmed by the Missouri Senate, his term would end on Jan. 1, 2018.

No Money for Kraft-Heinz Expansion Project From Adair County

Money won’t be coming from Adair County for the to Kraft Heinz expansion project.

Kirksville city leaders have been scrambling for money after requesting about $1.38 million dollars in grant funding from the state, and being awarded about $796,000 dollars. K-REDI also came through with a $100,000 pledge. The total cost of the lot, which will serve both Kraft Heinz’s expansion and future needs, is about $1.87 million. K-REDI’s Executive Director met with the Adair County commissioners yesterday about the Kraft Heinz expansion, hoping to convince the county to make a financial contribution. The said they didn’t feel like they could do that at this time.

The city and Kraft Heinz have agreed to re-vamp the size of the lot which will bring the cost down, providing 44 spaces, instead of the 60 spaces in the original plan. The parking lot, which will be a public one, will be used primarily for tractor trailers, and will reduce the amount of big rigs parking on city streets.

Scott Latham Stepping Down

The head of Kirksville’s activities department, Scott Latham, will be stepping down. During his four years in the role, Latham made hires for the Kirskville baseball, softball, and football programs. Latham was hired in 2012 to replace Andy Jackson, who had held the position for three years. Latham says he’s enjoyed his time in Kirksville and credits the Booster Club and its supporters for the strength of the athletic programs. Latham will be moving to Houston, Texas to be with his wife at the end of this school year.

Iowa woman Spends Night in Schuyler County Jail

An Iowa woman spent the night in the Schuyler County jail for drugs. 33-year-old Courtney Wright was arrested late yesterday morning for felony possession of a controlled substance – methamphetamine, and a warrant for unlawful possession of a weapon. She was being held on a 24-hour hold at theJail.

Truman Appeals Court

The Court of Appeals…convening a Truman State University.

The Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, will convene court at Truman today in the Student Union Building Activities Room.The five cases are appeals from previously held trials in area circuit courts. The judges will hear attorneys argue whether the trials had errors, which should cause them to be retried, or the trial court’s judgment reversed. The judges will read written arguments before the court session and may interrupt the attorneys’ arguments with questions.