Kirksville City Council Purchases Prime Land

The Kirksville City Council recently made a decision to purchase the land right next to City Hall. Karen Johnson has a report.

Kirksville City Council members have approved the purchase of the land immediately south of City Hall during their recent meeting. The land, which is located at 211-221 S. Franklin and 111 E. Jefferson, is being purchased for $335,000. The city will pay for the purchase through the Capital Improvement Sales Tax with contributions from the General Fund. But last Monday’s decision wasn’t the first time the city has shown interest in the land. Kirksville City Manager Mari Macomber said several years ago the city expressed interest purchasing the land. At the time, the land still had a building on it, which was later demolished. “However, the property was purchased by its most recent owner, Ken Read, before the city could move forward with the effort. In recent years, the land again became available for purchase. In 2015, Macomber said the land was appraised by the city. At the time, she said the asking price for the land was $550,000, while it was appraised for $540,000, and the Council was not comfortable with that price. According to city documents, “citizens from across the city have expressed support for the city to purchase the land, but the asking price was more than the city was comfortable spending.” According to city documents, the last asking price from the owners was $475,000, until recently when it dropped to $335,000. Macomber says the city has no plans for the land. I’m Karen Johnson