Lawsuit Dismissed Involving Appointment Of Missouri’s Lt. Governor

A lawsuit is dismissed involving the appointment of Missouri’s new Lt. Governor. Karen Johnson has a report.

A Cole County judge has dismissed a lawsuit which claimed Gov. Mike Parson acted outside his authority when he appointed Mike Kehoe as his lieutenant governor. Governor Mike Parson released a statement saying he applauds the court’s “expedient” decision to dismiss. He says this affirms our position as well as the position of previous Governors from both parties. We look forward to continuing our work with Lieutenant Governor Kehoe. The Missouri Democratic Party sued on behalf of veteran Darrell Cope, who said it should be voters who decide who leads the state. The lawsuit argued Kehoe’s appointment violated Missouri’s constitution. Solicitor John Sauer of the Attorney General’s office argued Missouri’s constitution does give the governor the authority to appoint a lieutenant governor under article four section four, because it authorizes the governor to fill vacancies in all public offices. I’m Karen Johnson