Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Aids Wandering Pig on Highway

From The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office:

We never know from day to day what we will get into in this profession, and frankly, we can’t talk about most of it. Today was a little different though. We got a call of a pig on the highway and when we got there, sure enough, a pig was wandering aimlessly down highway 15. She had apparently fallen out of a truck/trailer and had some pretty good road rash and was very hot. We were able to get a rope around her and make a harness. We were concerned with her overheating so we fetched a bucket of water from the neighbors house to cool her off and she drank from the Troopers water bottle like a pro! Once cooled off however, she got a little frisky and slipped the harness and we all went for a walk down the highway until she could be roped again and a little better harness fitted for her. It was quite comical (except for the heat) to all of of but the pig. We finally located someone that could come with a trailer to pick her up and get her off the road since she didnt seem to want to leave on her own accord. I must say, I felt a little like Doc Hollywood!Thanks to the Troopers for their assistance also!