Second Dose of Moderna Vaccine Will Be Administered Thursday

A second dose of Moderna vaccine will be administered tomorrow only to those who received their first dose in February. Residents who received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine on February 25 at The Crossing in Kirksville will receive their second dose tomorrow at the same location. People should arrive at The Crossing at the same time on March 25 as they were scheduled on February 25 and enter through the same door. Vaccine recipients should bring with them the vaccine card they received after their first dose. They also need to print and complete Page 2 of the COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form. The form is available on the Adair County Health Department website under the “Forms” link in the
upper right corner of the homepage. The Missouri National Guard will be assisting local emergency responders, law enforcement and other community partners at this event. Several shuttles will be available to drive people from their vehicles to the front door, and wheelchairs are available for those who need them to enter the building.