Invasive Weed Treatment To Temporarily Close Forest Lake

Forest Lake, in Thousand Hills State Park, will be temporarily closed for all recreational activities from April 15 to 25, to allow the City to treat the invasive species known as curly-leaf pondweed. Boating, fishing, swimming, or any other activity allowed on or in Forest Lake will be prohibited during this time period. If testing indicates that additional closure time is needed to ensure effective treatment, an additional press release will be issued. Additionally, the Forest Lake boat ramp will be blocked and signs will be posted during this temporary closure.
Forest Lake is a drinking source lake that provides water for all Adair County residents. This program for treatment of curly-leaf pondweed has been approved by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The City will draw water from Hazel Creek Lake – the City’s other drinking source lake – during this treatment process. The City says they are committed to providing quality drinking water to all of Adair County. For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 660.627.1291.