Counterfeit $100 Bills Seized by Police

Counterfeit bills have been circulating in the area. On Monday, Kirksville Police responded to a downtown business in reference to a report of a customer passing two counterfeit $100 bills. Police contacted the business owner and seized the $100 bills. In most instances in the past when Kirksville Police investigated and seized counterfeit $100 bills, they were commercially produced and were marked “For Motion Picture Use Only.” Bills marked with “For Motion Picture Use Only” are typically meant to be props. The counterfeit $100 bills seized by Kirksville Police this week are different. These bills have a Turkish word for “nonnegotiable” or “not valid” printed on the front and rear of the bills. It is not illegal to possess prop or other counterfeit bills, however, it is illegal to use these bills in place of legal currency. Kirksville Police ask that businesses and citizens be aware of these counterfeit bills are in our community and be on the lookout for them. A photo of the counterfeit bills seized by Kirksville Police is posted on their Facebook page. If you suspect you may have received a counterfeit bill, contact the KPD or a local bank.