Macon County Sounds Alarm About COVID Case Spikes in Neighboring Counties

The Macon County Health Department is sounding the alarm. A press release says there has been an explosion of COVID-19 cases in neighboring Linn and Livingston Counties. A recent news report says Linn County has reached a level of transmission not seen before during the pandemic. That county currently has 200 active cases. Linn County’s Medical Director attributes the spike in the counties to a “perfect storm” of lax attitudes around mitigation measures and quarantining. Many of the cases are in residents younger than 50 years old. The Macon County Health Department is warning that only 31% of their county’s population under 55 have been vaccinated. Macon County is seeing a small spike in new cases over the past three weeks, and out of the 40 recent new cases to date, only 1 was vaccinated.

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