Drowning Victim at Forest Lake

The name of the Kirksville man who drowned at Forest Lake last week has been released. Around 3:54 p.m. last Wednesday, Kirksville police and other first responders went to the swim beach at Forest Lake after a report that 32-year-old Nathan Stafford went under the water and did not surface. Witnesses said he swam from the beach to the buoy line separating the swim area from the rest of the lake. When Stafford reached the buoy line, he was in distress and went under the water surface. Witnesses went to help Stafford, but could not locate him. Emergency crews then began searching the water with the use of a patrol boat, specialized equipment and first responders in the water with flotation devices. After several minutes Stafford was recovered from the water and life saving measures were attempted. He was later pronounced deceased at the scene.