Adair County Monday COVID Update

The overall COVID-19 case count jumped by 33 since Friday, bringing the total to 3,194 with 109 active cases and 3,057 people who have left isolation. Eight of yesterday’s cases reside at the same address as at least one other confirmed case and one case involves a skilled nursing facility employee. With schools back in session, the higher education sector accounts for three of the new cases and the K-12 schools sector for five. A previously reported 59-year-old female was admitted to Northeast Regional Medical Center August 28th. She is currently on a ventilator. NRMC discharged three previously reported admissions.

An 83-year-old male admitted Aug. 21 was discharged Aug. 26. A 59-year-old male admitted Aug. 22 was discharged Aug. 25, and a 78-year-old female admitted Aug. 15 was discharged Aug. 25. A previously reported 85-year-old fully vaccinated male was admitted Aug. 26 and discharged Aug. 28.